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Dr. Joe Dilley

“When we chase "likes" or seek followers, we lose sight of the fact that our devices are now using us. It's a unique form of captivity--one that keeps us willingly enslaved by the very technology we had thought would simplify or enrich our lives. In a mere 48 minutes, LIKE alerts us to these dangers, yet instills the hope that by improving how we relate to our devices, we necessarily improve the world. Our here-and-now relationships, as well as the daily lives of future generations, fundamentally depend on our mindful use and ethical development of technology. Given my professional familiarity with these themes, I am shocked at how moved, upset, and compelled to act I feel as a result of having seen this documentary. That LIKE will inspire you is an understatement. Quite simply, it's the most important film I've ever seen.”

Dr. Joe Dilley
Maria O. Alvarez

VP, Common Sense Latino, a program of Common Sense

“LIKE tells the real story behind social media platforms: you, all of us
Are the product. It also tells the positive aspects of social media.
Having a balanced perspective on how to navigate
Social media platforms is essential to all parents and educators raising and educating this generation.”